How to Sell Products on Facebook Messenger

Facebook messenger launched as an independent app and messaging platform in 2014 and three years later had over 1.3 billion subscribers. The growth of subscriptions and business add-ons means entrepreneurs have a global market to sell products on Facebook messenger. Everyone interested in business should have a Facebook page for his or her enterprise.
Facebook has features targeting trade that make it easier for you to inform customers with messenger-e-commerce products. This article will list out some ways that Facebook can help you in everyday selling activities. Read more

Give shoppers real-time customer service

When people are browsing and find they want more information about a product, sometimes it is difficult to get an immediate response when they are in a far away country. Think about how you expect to get an answer from a country with a time difference of more than ten hours. You will always be asleep when they are awake, and vice versa. The usual way to get the information would be to send an email and hope to receive a reply.
However, Facebook Messenger lets people hold real-time online discussions. Buyers receive assistance to make choices regarding product varieties and quantities. Consumers who put in orders will get confirmations acknowledging their order and will keep track of their shipping information.
Where the shoppers have sensitive products, pharmaceutical, and security equipment, the aspect of secrecy inbuilt with messenger might receive great appreciation. Some questions and product specifications are not for the public at large. Even buying gifts and making special arrangements to surprise someone will be more comfortable when there is privacy.

Employ usernames and scan codes

If your business name is on Facebook, you will be easy to find. Your products will be available to the 900 million users who exchange messages with companies every month. Entrepreneurs sell with messenger and buyers use it to access customer care, quite quickly when the user name is a subscriber.
Pin your Facebook page scan code on your business cards, website, and social media channels and in your physical stores. Simplify the avenues for customers to find you. Each Facebook page is unique, and you can customize, and edit your username, which will be how the customers identify your business.

Have strong Chatbots

Chatbots have single-handedly transformed modern-day customer care. Messenger bots create an interactive experience for browsers on smartphones and laptops. As many people are using mobile devices, your business will benefit from getting direct contact and sales from your page.
Bots are capable of helping customers because of the artificial intelligence program. They can help with questions about product size, color, and service details. One advantage is that you can build your Chatbots with guidelines and helpful tips to tailor it for your business.

Establish greetings and prompt replies

No customer wants to wait for any length of time, or worse still, feel that your store is ignoring them. At the same time, your business will not run itself without the day-to-day grind that must take place when you are not chatting with customers. The answer is quite simply that you should install auto-replies. They will add to your professional reputation while saving you a lot of time because they are efficient and effective. You will be in a position to carry out other essential business tasks and still have your e-commerce products messaging with buyers.
Greetings and instant replies are engaged in the settings tab of your Facebook. You have the opportunity to have up to 250 characters in your message, including your business logo and other personalization identities that you want to set up.
When you set greetings and instant replies, it is crucial that your shoppers know how long they will wait before they can hear from you. You can manually set a response time in the settings so that you get a guide of how often you must check the messenger for sales. When you establish a response time, you must keep it so that buyers do not feel cheated, and their confidence in your business will grow.

Share your stores’ Locations

You are in the business of trading goods on Facebook messenger. When customers make a purchase, they will need to collect or arrange how to receive their products. Facebook has the feature of sharing your stores’ addresses, which is a nifty tool for management to use. Customers will know where your site is and determine the route they will use to reach your store.
Conversely, when you are making the drop-off, your delivery teams will find the buyer’s location easily and quickly. There will be fewer delays because a wrong address detail was typed, plus, location sharing is such a fast feature, you will pinpoint the site almost immediately and shave off many long minutes of time-consuming typing.

A marketer’s delightful Tip

The beauty about chatting with customers and using messenger to sell products is that you will access to your customers Facebook pages. You will get to know more about their tastes and likes. Your profiling information will be more fruitful when you incorporate their style of communication in the chats you hold. By personalizing how you talk with customers, you win their loyalty and get repeat business.


Facebook is in the business of making stores drum up more sales and patronage from buyers. Customers can sign up to messenger without a Facebook account; all they need is their mobile device. Entrepreneurs who have subscribed will be easily reachable and contacted by any buyer who is browsing and gets interested in their products. The extra business features also make it possible for your store to trade goods on Facebook chat because customers can now transfer money, use Chatbots, share location, and get consignment tracking and many more business services.
Facebook messenger can grow your client and mailing lists since you will have access to the names of people who check in to your site and leave comments, reviews or questions. If a buyer shows an interest in your products, you only need to find the persuasive pitch to tip them over and make sales with the messenger.